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Award winning intuitive artist
About Bonnie Chance

Bonnie Chance Picture Bonnie Chance grew up in rural Missouri in Farmland territory rich with the wonderful colors and textures of different seasons. Bonnie started drawing detailed pictures before kindergarten inspired by the beauty of the rural territory of her origin. She began painting for a hobby as a teenager loving to work with all subjects. Since then, her love for art and painting evolved into a driving passion which gives her as much joy as it does those who experience her wonderful work.

Bonnie moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 1988 and the wonderful scenery in The Seattle area inspired Bonnie to further develop her artistic talents. Shortly after her move to the North West she began to paint miniatures on Christmas ornaments and magnets. Eventually, she began creating and framing these intricate and beautiful tiny masterpieces and entering shows.

In 1989 when a friend asked her to paint a mural in her home, Bonnie quickly added another skill and painted murals for several other homes in the Seattle area. Bonnie paints murals on canvas rolls that are easily installed and also removable. Her inspiration comes from nature, people, astrology and metaphysical studies as well as to a strong and passionate inner connection which allows her much greater creativity as she connects in a spiritual way to her art.

Bonnie paints a variety of subjects in styles ranging from traditional realistic still life and landscapes to amazing intuitive visionary pieces and she is primarily a self taught artist. She works in many different mediums including acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pen and ink. Bonnie believes that changing painting mediums and styles maintains a level of new experiences and expands her artistic abilities. By mastering new techniques, she constantly builds her skill with fresh ideas and stronger focus. By stretching her artistic limits, she expands her creative foundation.

You may experience Bonnie’s artwork by contacting her at bonniechanceart@gmail.com. Also, check out her Standard Size Art and Miniatures on this web site. Go to the Events page to to see a listing of her current shows in local galleries and events.

Previous Events & Appearances

  • Kent Unity Church Art Festival - 2008
  • 15th Annual International Juried Miniature Show - 2007
  • Boeing Parapsychology Fair - 2007
  • 14th Annual International Juried Miniature Show - 2006
  • Cover Design Boeing Parapsychology Fair - 2005
  • 13th Annual International Juried Miniature Show - 2005 Honorable Mention
  • Wild Woman Gallery - Solo Show - 2005
  • 12th Annual International Juried Miniature Show - 2004
  • “Flying Solo; Standing Tall” - Solo Show 2002
  • Canterbury Faire Art Show - 2002
  • Member: Seahurst Art Gallery


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